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GOSHICO - felt handbags, purses, leather, embroidered, bags, Poland

GOSHICO is a unique brand on the Polish market, which are combining contemporary design with folk themes. In 2008, we designed a collection of felt purses with large embroidered ornaments inspired by Polish cut out of paper patterns in folk culture. Since then, it has become the brand of company.

GOSHICO collections are inspired by folk culture, however each of collections walks over to the folk themes in a different way. This ensures our hand bags purses are decorated in a unique and characteristic way. So far collections were inspired by patterns from polish regions such us: Łowicz, Kaszub, Greek terracotta tiles, and even Persian mosaics. Embroidery color section is from black to neon, colorful designs proves that products made with felt and folk themes inspirations are the best for all – businesswoman, fashion woman, young mothers or teenagers.

All our products are manufactured under the highest standards of Polish production. Purses are handmade cut and sewn embroidery are very dense and convex, we use only high quality materials.

When creating collections we keep roles. “Małgo” designs, and the Aga takes care of organization, performance and quality of products. We perfectly complement each other combining two totally different characters and ways of being. For many years we have made purses, handbags by our own, now we have small team. We are striving to create for you unique crafts.

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